Rise Above It

                            Let me tell you what I know about being a girl! 

    Through your teenage life you will find new friends, re-connect with old ones or realise who your true friends are.

You will experience your first crush; love or you may discover the feeling, the sense of loss when you have your first broken heart by the one you love. You will analyse everything and pine to hang on to him and it will take you weeks or months to realise that he is not coming back. Girls, he is not coming back and it was not part of the plan, it was just a moment!

In your teenage years you will be challenged, tested, pushed, or bullied and wonder why life is so hard. You may look for answers in a book, from parents and you may ask God why? But let me say this, do not think for one second that this is happening to you because you are not ‘good enough or as good as the other girl' who seems to have it all in your eyes.

Trust me when I say, she will have her own issues and insecurities, you just do not know about it!

When you are a teenager, you will be tested and you need to dig deep to start understanding who you are and not understanding the girl down the road or the popular girl at school because that will not help you. You need to know that you will quote ‘it is not fair’ a million times until you realise the more you try and control the situation, the more time you are losing to find the RIGHT situation!

In your teenage years there will be excuses made, lies told, rule’s broken and gossip. 

Know that gossiping is nasty and can truly reflect who you are. Gossiping is toxic and ugly! 

 Through your teenage years, I can promise you that at some time you will feel jealous, envious, guilt, sadness, happiness, alone and many other emotions. These emotions are your compass. Give yourself the time to feel them as they make you very aware of how you are tuned and they are the origins of your behaviour. Do not deny these feelings, do not push them aside; instead understand them and why you feel that way. It will make sense!

Believe that there is no-one who is PERFECT however, believe you can be the perfect person for you and CREATE the life YOU want. DO NOT create the life you think others want you to have, or create it because you have to, it will never work. When you are CREATING your life be ready for the challenges, brick walls and know that there are many roads to travel to get where you are destined to be.

 Be patient, be persistent and be true to yourself!

Go with trust, not fear.

Go with love, not hate.

Go with, I will or I will try, not I can’t.

Go with an open mind, not a closed one.

Go with gusto and the thought that you want to get as much as possible out of your life.

My most important advice though is EXPECT nothing.

Do not be afraid of FAILURE, it can be your best friend!

Do not think you are OWED something, you are not.

Do not assume or presume.

Do not believe that you can use 'shortcuts' in life – it never works, I have tried!

Laugh, laugh hard and love who you are!

Love B! xxx